22 February 2024

Planning for diversity modules whakataukī

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘Facilitator guide’

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About the whakataukī

Ngā manu a Tāne had an important place in traditional Māori life. Their habits and actions within the environment were closely observed. Such observations transpired into whakataukī.

Whakataukī provide insight and inspiration into te ao Māori. They are wise expressions and when spoken, can nurture te reo Māori and promote tikanga. Whakataukī contain key messages and can enrich learning by opening minds and hearts to a Māori world view.

Each kōwae ako begins with a shared whakataukī. Allow time to discuss connections and what the whakataukī means to individuals.

Facilitation tips

Become familiar with the te ao Māori concepts and messaging that supports the design of the kōwae ako. Bring attention to and share connections about the design with those who you are working alongside.

All of the whakataukī used in the kōwae ako are available on SoundCloud to support you with pronunciation and delivery.

Whakataukī for inclusive design modules

Next steps

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