22 February 2024

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Feedback and contact details

Share your ideas, concerns or questions about the site

We welcome queries about and feedback on this site. Please contact us if you have queries, comments, new guides you think we could add, or examples or stories of effective practice you think we should include at

Get support with a particular student

If you have any queries about a particular student, or the support they receive, contact your local Ministry of Education office.

Finding resources

Finding your way around a guide

Our guides work like their own mini-website. You can see all the guide content in the left-hand column - click on the drop down arrows for a detailed list of topics in that guide. Scan and locate what you're looking for, or what is most useful to you. Or you can use the search engine for a particular topic you're interested in. 


Finding a specific resource

To find a specific resource you are looking for (maybe one you have previously found) we recommend you search for all or part of its title and narrow your search results to resources only by clicking the "Resources" tab. 

Note: Resources are PDFs and websites that the Inclusive Education team has specifically selected as relevant to our Aotearoa context. Most resources are published within the Guides and sections that they relate to.

Sharing, downloading and printing

Share individual suggestion slides on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

You can share a specific section using these buttons at the bottom of the slide:

Sharing buttons used when sharing a slide.

The first button copies the slide's URL to your clipboard for you to paste into an email or to share in other ways, the other three buttons share directly to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest respectively.

Note: only image slides can be shared on Pinterest.