29 May 2023

Design the experience utilising the UDL Guidelines

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘How to plan using UDL’

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Making a plan

Making a plan

Design your activity or experience, keeping the learners and the learning intention at the front of your thinking.

Then use the UDL Guidelines to help you refine the design.

Draft the lesson plan

Draft the lesson plan

Design the learning experience.

Allow your knowledge of learners and the learning intention to influence your thinking.

  1. Clarify the objective or goal of the activity or lesson
  2. Identify how achievement of the goal will be measured
  3. Identify the range of teaching strategies you will use and the activity options you will offer
  4. Consider all the materials, tools you will use yourself and make available to students
  5. Consider how you will set up the physical and online learning environment.

Refine design

Refine design

Anita describes how instead of changing everything, she focussed on one area of her planning, the environment.

Reflection questions

Reflection questions

Once you have a refined lesson plan, ask yourself:

  • What specific barriers the design will address?
  • What parts of the design focus on learner variability (e.g the choices being offered, the design of the environment for flexibility)?
  • Which UDL guidelines or checkpoints are a focus in the design and why?

Source: UDL reporting criteria (opens in a new tab/window)

Useful resources

Useful resources


Using the 3 principles

An example of using the 3 principles to guide planning

Download PDF (73 KB)


Start small: A UDL Q&A with Loui Lord Nelson

An interview with UDL facilitator Loui Lord Nelson, author of Design and Deliver. In this blog post she shares tips for getting started with UDL in your classroom.

Publisher: Brookes Publishing

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