22 February 2024

​Support participation and confidence

Use multiple approaches and encourage positive ākonga participation

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Suggestions to increase confidence

Suggestions to increase confidence

Discuss with the student what will support their participation and confidence.

Build the suggestions into your teaching practice.

  • Ask students how they like to learn.
  • Use students’ interests and strengths as bases for teaching.
  • Recognise and eliminate situations that students may find difficult or embarrassing because of their physical or cognitive differences.
  • Foster tuakana-teina relationships and create a class culture where students support each other.
  • Feedback success to students’ parents and whānau.
  • Recognise avoidance strategies and provide support and encouragement.
  • Give students extra time to complete work.
  • Make learning supports, such as text-to-speech and word prediction, available to all students.
  • Enable students to contribute their ideas in collaborative work, without the challenge of lengthy writing tasks.
  • Provide the student with strategies to help them when they get stuck.

Nurture self-esteem

Nurture self-esteem

Teachers have a vital role in nurturing positive self-perception and self-esteem.

In the classroom, talking, reading, writing, and spelling are essential parts of most activities across the curriculum.

Students who have ADHD often find themselves in situations where they are regarded as different, strange, or unintelligent.  This can result in feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, or disengagement.

Useful resources

Useful resources


Assessment for learning

Lading local curriculum guide series on using the right tools and resources to notice and respond to progress across the curriculum.

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