20 August 2022

Assessment and monitoring using a team approach

Form a team, collaborate and gather evidence to understand your learners and their assessment needs.

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Establish a team

Establish a team

Take a team approach to providing responsive support.

  • Be guided by the student and their whānau.
  • Involve your learning support coordinator or RTLB.
  • Identify and connect with colleagues who have relevant past experience.
  • Consider connecting to external expertise or agencies.

Take an inquiry approach

Take an inquiry approach

Develop a responsive evidenced-based process of working together that supports students' self advocacy.

  • Support the student and whānau to lead and guide the conversation.
  • Share together concerns, questions, and ideas.
  • Consider any barriers to learning and possible solutions.
  • Identify how solutions will be implemented and refined.
  • Discuss how to assess learning in ways that work for the student.
  • Agree on how to stay in touch and share information.

Utilise collaborative tools

Utilise collaborative tools

John Robinson reflects on the value of using the SMS to share information about students between staff and e-portfolios to share information with parents.

Understand the effects of medication

Understand the effects of medication

The use of medication for ADHD can be a sensitive issue. 

Understand possible side effects so you know when to alert parents.

Medication may at times need to be reviewed.


Medication can:

  • decrease impulsivity, task jumping, and aggressiveness
  • increase compliance
  • improve handwriting and fine motor skills, social relationships, and short-term memory. 

Medication won’t:

  • increase intelligence
  • improve reading unless attention is the major issue
  • change a child’s personality
  • cause drug dependency.

 Side effects:

  • loss of appetite/mild weight loss
  • insomnia
  • tearfulness, being withdrawn or clingy (these could be signs that medication needs adjusting)
  • rebound behaviour – discuss with professionals.

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