27 September 2023

Understand the injury and the support needed

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘Concussion: Support a return to learning and activity’

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Refresh knowledge of concussion

Refresh knowledge of concussion

Remind yourself of the implications of a concussion, so you can provide informed support.

What to ask whānau

What to ask whānau

Meet with the family or whānau and the child or young person.

Learn about the concussion and the support needed.

When did the injury take place?

What part of the head received the injury?

Have you been to the doctor or hospital? If yes, what happened and what were the recommendations?

What have you noticed about:

  • energy levels
  • sleeping patterns
  • headaches
  • mood and emotional state
  • appetite
  • vision
  • sensitivity to light, sound, busy environments?

Source: Brain 101 The concussion playbook (opens in a new tab/window)

Give assurance

Give assurance

Let both the child or young person and their family know that you understand the potential effects of concussion and that you will create a safe and supportive learning environment.

11598 [Joanna-Cameron-1-Ministry.JPG]

Source: Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

Reflection questions

Reflection questions

  • How will you be informed, so you know what to ask and look out for?
  • How will you demonstrate empathy? A child or young person may look fine, but a concussion is an unseen, hidden injury.
  • How will you be a good listener? Every concussion and every child's experience is unique.
  • How can you enable whānau to guide and oversee support?

Useful resources

Useful resources


Concussion – A series of educational videos

A collection of educational videos produced in New Zealand and a series of informative and practical fact sheets about brain injuries.

Publisher: Headway: Brain Injury Auckland

Visit website


Brain injury: A guide for parents

Read time: 17 min

This factsheet provides information about how brain injuries can affect children and young people and suggests coping strategies for families.

Publisher: Headway: Brain Injury Auckland

Download PDF (477 KB)

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