20 February 2024

Review community and financial resources available to support all your students

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘Reviewing your planning, monitoring, and reporting obligations’

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Review learning support registers

Review learning support registers

Make effective use of your register to coordinate support across the school. 

Identify areas where students may need to access additional learning support.


  • Focus on learning needs to meet the goals of the New Zealand Curriculum and/or to achieve the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA).
  • Consider any additional social and emotional support that students may need and consider support students and parents may need at home.
  • Think beyond the student to wider school changes that can be made to support learning, such as professional learning and development, inclusive teaching approaches, and cross-school programmes and initiatives.
  • Establish a process and timeframe for monitoring and evaluating the progress of each student on the learning support register.
  • Take a “beyond school” approach and consider supports students will need as they transition from school to work, study, and participation in the community.

Partner with experienced professionals

Partner with experienced professionals

School improvement evidence tells us that persistent and widespread disparities in achievement are best tackled through partnerships between leaders in schools and external expertise. 

Seek out expertise in inclusive practices from:

  • within your school
  • past students and families
  • resource teachers
  • local and national services with a specialist or disability focus
  • regional Ministry offices
  • professional learning and development providers and consultants
  • online networks and communities
  • local and international conferences.

Source: School leadership and student outcomes: Identifying what works and why (page 64) (opens in a new tab/window)

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