21 February 2024

Seek feedback from staff, parents, community, and students how they feel about your school

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘Reviewing your planning, monitoring, and reporting obligations’

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Investigate the inclusive practices matrix

Investigate the inclusive practices matrix

The inclusive Practices Tools provide materials to support schools to review their effectiveness in each area of the matrix.

These include tailored surveys for students, staff, and the community.

Use family-centred approaches

Use family-centred approaches

Discuss with families ways of working together that respect diversity, are culturally responsive, and recognise individual needs.

Develop authentic partnerships with parents

Develop authentic partnerships with parents

Ask parents and whānau what helps and what gets in the way of working together.

We are true partners when:

  • you listen to what I have to say
  • you acknowledge my intelligence
  • you want to learn more about my ways
  • you don’t judge me
  • you engage me in genuine dialogue
  • we make decisions together
  • you show that my child matters to you
  • you include my experience, knowledge, and viewpoints with yours.

Source: Partners in Learning: Parents’ Voices (ERO, 2008) (opens in a new tab/window)

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