22 February 2024

Plan effective transitions

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘Developing inclusive systems’

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Successful transition tips

Successful transition tips

Ideas to support successful transitions at all levels.

  • Follow-up on a child or young person’s  medical information on their enrolment information. Be proactive in contacting parents.
  • Connect with your public health nurse or asthma nurse for staff training.
  • Meet with families to discuss their needs and concerns.
  • Communicate with families about asthma management in your learning centre or school.
  • Ensure families and whānau provide their child’s or young person's asthma action plan before transitions occur.
  • Identify when a child or young person is eligible for the High Health Fund.
  • Ensure all staff, including those who provide after-school care and relieving teachers, are aware of asthma action plans and asthma first aid.

Use your SMS

Use your SMS

Share student health issues, triggers, and treatments through your student management system (SMS).

Ensure all teachers and support staff are alerted to specific asthma management needs in advance.

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Source: Assembly Student Management System

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