07 December 2023

Asthma awareness in early learning settings

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘Creating inclusive learning environments ’

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Use picture books

Use picture books

Reading stories supports:

  • learning new vocabulary and meanings
  • understanding different social situations
  • developing empathy and knowing how to help others.
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Source: Asthma + Respiratroy Foundation NZ

Role-play and games

Role-play and games

Role play what it might look and feel like when it's hard to breathe.

Encourage children with asthma to participate and show their peers how they use their inhalers.

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Source: University of Otago

University of Otago

Utilise play

Utilise play

Plan to integrate asthma awareness and build children’s ability to take responsibility for themselves and others though these learning activities.

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Source: Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

Useful resources

Useful resources


Te Whāriki: Te whakatinanatanga o ngā mātāpono | Principles in action

The principles and an overview of the goals and learning outcomes for each of the five strands in Te Whāriki.

Publisher: Te Whāriki Online

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