27 September 2023

Identify property modifications and resourcing

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘Planning for successful transitions to school ’

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Property modification process

Property modification process

The first-time enrolment property modifications process is likely to take at least six to 12 months.

Special education property modifications at schools – information and guidance for the design, policy, and procedures for property modifications for students with special education needs on the Ministry of Education website.

Contact the Ministry of Education about the need for property modifications as early as possible. It is important that essential work is completed before the student starts school.

Assistive technology

Assistive technology

Consider assistive technology solutions or additional supports and arrange for their provision.

Assistive technology (AT) includes devices such as computer hardware, software, vision equipment, specialised furniture, and hearing devices. It is sometimes called “specialised equipment” or “assistive equipment”. These technologies enable some children to do things that they can not otherwise do, or to do things more easily.

  • Assistive technology – further information from the Ministry of Education on assistance and accessing AT for your student.
  • Technology tools for learning – an Inclusive Education guide supporting schools with information and strategies for accessing and using AT.

Use community resources

Use community resources

Consider where the community could support the participation of students with disabilities through donations of time, skills, money, or equipment.

Examples of how schools use community resources

  • Fundraising for a three-wheeled bicycle for a student with cerebral palsy to join her peers on bike rides
  • Craft makers creating special chair cushions, stress balls and bean bags
  • Community advocates working alongside students and parents
  • Disability advocates giving presentations to students, families, or teachers
  • Donated rewards for schools to recognise students who illustrate their school’s inclusive values

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