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This site provides New Zealand educators with practical strategies, suggestions and resources to support the diverse needs of all learners.

To get started, take a look at one of our featured guides below or read more about inclusive education.

Note to users: We’re redesigning this website. When you visit us in mid-December, the site will look different, but the content will still be here. Any links (bookmarks) you’ve saved to guides or suggestions will still work. Links to resources and downloads may change so we suggest you keep a record of the title so that you can search for it again in the new design.

The guides on this site are intended for educators who have students who may not be receiving specialist assistance and funding through Ministry of Education services, though the content will be useful when thinking about all students.

The guides on this site are not Ministry of Education guidelines or policy. They are a kete or collection of evidence-based strategies and case studies to support educators.

This is a Ministry of Education initiative

Building a world-leading education system that equips all New Zealanders with the knowledge, skills, and values to be successful citizens in the 21st century.