08 December 2023

Ask the student what will help and consider a learner profile

Getting to know your students increases trust and engagement and helps you personalise learning.

Survey students about preferences

Survey students about preferences

Ask students what supports their learning and what gets in the way.

I personally do a survey at the beginning of every class, every semester ... to get an idea of who is in the classroom to begin with and what they would benefit, or what they want to see in the class, what would work [and not work] for them.

Nancy Searcy

Source: Student profiles - UDL supporting diversity in BC schools (opens in a new tab/window)

Student profiles - UDL supporting diversity in BC schools

What to include in a learner profile

What to include in a learner profile

Discuss this list with the student and their whānau to identify what to include in their learner profile.

  • Important people
  • Cultural connections and experiences
  • Languages spoken
  • Things the student is good at
  • Memorable life experiences
  • How they like to unwind and relax
  • Likes and interests
  • Dislikes and things they avoid
  • How they like to learn and what helps – beneficial teaching and learning approaches, technology needs and preferences
  • Things that make it hard for them to learn – identify potential barriers to learning and wellbeing
  • What they do when they need help
  • Describe their aspirations and passions

Connect with parents and caregivers

Connect with parents and caregivers

Cooperation between parents, teachers, and community supports created a successful school experience for Alex.

Useful resources

Useful resources

Template and guidelines for developing a learner profile.

Developing learner profiles

Developing learner profiles

Read time: 3 min

This document provides general support and guidance when developing a learner profile. It includes prompts and questions, alongside purpose and benefits for students.


Download PDF (211 KB)

About me

About me

This learner profile template is a companion to "Developing learner profiles". It is an interactive PDF with questions for students to answer.

Download PDF (596 KB)


Essential tips

Read time: 2 min

Ten tips for building a successful relationship and an environment to support a learner with FASD.

Publisher: British Columbia Ministry of Education

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