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Welcoming parents

This video includes practical suggestions for engaging Pasifika parents in the school community.

Using the SMS and e-portfolios

An HoD Learning Support reflects on the impact of using the school management system to share information about students among staff, and e-portfolios to share learning beyond the classroom.

Prof. Tony Booth: Index of Inclusion

Prof. Tony Booth discusses the index for inclusion in this short video.

Mangere Central School: teachers talk

This pecha kucha, by teachers at Mangere Central School, describes their challenge to sustain a focus on accelerating student achievement. Leaders talk about how supporting teachers to inquire into their own practices has helped students make accelerated gains.

UDL implementation: A process of change

This video examines UDL implementation as a process of systemic change. It discusses what makes UDL implementation different from the implementation of other frameworks or initiatives and the areas of focus during the five phases of UDL implementation.

Primary Special Needs - Differentiation

In this video, practical steps taken by staff at Kingston Park Primary School to ensure that all students are not only included but also perform to the best of their abilities are explained.

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