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"When students are able to show what they know in the way they choose it boosts student engagement and student understanding." A video from UDL supporting diversity in BC schools. Transcript available.

Sharing a mihi

Video story of students developing and sharing their mihimihi from Enabling e-Learning (NZ).

Changing the classroom environment – Tony’s story

Tony Renshaw, a teacher at Rotorua Lakes High School, and Russell Bishop of the School of Education, Waikato University discuss the impacts of collaborative strategies and peer mentoring.

CACL No excuses TV commercial 2

This commercial from Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) demonstrates why there is no excuse for students with intellectual disabilities to be in separate classrooms.

No excuses radio commercial

A short radio commercial from Canadian ACL with Jessica, a grade 5 student with special learning needs shares some of the prejudices she faces.

Technology and Design Offered Equal Opportunities for Success

A short multi-media chapter from the article 2020's Learning Landscape: a Retrospective on Dyslexia. The chapter describes how a UDL approach to supporting literacy has unlocked learning for many students. Authors: Dr David Rose and Ge Vue from CAST.

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