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Authentic learning experiences facilitated through a wiki

French teacher Sarah Collett and two of her students from Hillcrest High School describe the usefulness of using a wiki to create and enhance authentic language-learning experiences in this video. Closed captions available.

John Hattie, visible learning Pt 2: Effective methods

In this video Dr John Hattie talks about the impact of a teacher’s mindset on student achievement. No captions or transcript available.

What are you doing? A film about autism (film trailer)

A short Australian film trailer created by Autism Awareness.It aims to teach school aged children about acceptance and understanding of their peers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). No captions or transcript available.

Universal Design for Learning iPad strategies: Text-to-speech

Student profiles

A resource from UDL British Columbia Schools providing information to support developing student profiles. It contains a video with teachers sharing strategies they use to get to know their students each year.

Assistive technology in action

A playlist of short videos introducing students talking about how they use AT and overviews of tools such as text-to-speech and word prediction, produced by the Pacer Center in Washington.

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