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Jigsaw reading: Social studies, years 5–6

The Jigsaw Approach, where expert learners are grouped with those that need support, in action is demonstrated in this video.

Jolly Phonics video

A video introduction to a recommended multi-sensory phonics programme.

Looking behind behaviour

In this video clip Jake and his parents describe his behaviour at school as a result of having language difficulties. Things changed for him once he gained focused support.

Multiple means of engagement - managing fear so learning can occur

In this collection of short videos about Universal Design for Learning, Dr David Rose and CAST colleague Grace Meo explain how engagement, goals, affective demands, and resources are connected. Collated by the Alberta Regional Consortia.

Modes of communication: Interpreters, hearing aids, and cochlear implants

Teachers and experts share strategies that support success in an inclusive classroom.

My life with Asperger's: Daniel Wendler at TEDxUniversityofArizona

Daniel Wendler talks about growing up with Asperger syndrome. No captions or transcript available.

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