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Ask the expert: ADHD in the classroom management strategies and student supports

A webinar with Sandra Rief, author of How to reach and teach children with ADD/ADHD. The webinar is an hour long, with an introduction, a description of ADHD and strategies and supports that teachers can provide to students with ADHD.

ADHD voices – YouTube Channel

Short, animated video clips on the perspectives and experiences of children with ADHD.

Assistive technologies

Enabling e-Learning offers school stories, snapshots of learning, and resources to support assistive technologies in the classroom.

Beyond the classroom

This section of the Enabling e-Learning website provides information, resources, and school stories about engaging with students, families/whānau, and the wider community.

Developing phonics skills and reading fluency

A variety of activities teachers can use to support the development of phonics skills and reading fluency are demonstrated in this video.

Dyslexia: Inclusion in the primary classroom – clip 1

The first part of a UK video showing a buddy or paired approach and how alternatives to paper and pencil tasks can overcome reading and writing difficulties.

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