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Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR): Improving secondary students’ reading comprehension skills

Reading comprehension is a critical skill for secondary students with disabilities.It facilitates participation in mainstream content-area classes. This article introduces a research-based practice developed by Klingner and Vaughn.

Leadership in the development of inclusive school communities

An overview in Leading Lights magazine, Edition 3, 2013, of the research of Dr Jude McArthur and others into the experiences of young people with additional learning needs in schools. Key themes are connected to what school leaders can do to develop their schools as inclusive communities.

Understanding special education from the perspectives of Pasifika families

This report identifies: the strengths of current service provision, barriers to accessing special education services for Pasifika students; and the extent to which cultural perspectives on disability and special education and the low numbers of Pasifika professionals affect engagement and satisfaction with special education services for Pasifika families.

Partners in Learning: Parents' Voices (September 2008)

This ERO report outlines Pasifika parents viewpoints on education and on schools.

Literature review on the effective engagement of Pasifika parents and communities in education

This review explores barriers to Pacific Island parent and community engagement and strategies that can support home-school engagement.

EU Kids Online

This resource, from the European Union website, coordinates and stimulates investigation into the way children use new media, with a particular focus on evidence about the conditions that shape online risk and safety.

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