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Assistive Technology Group

The Assistive Technology group in the Virtual Learning Network (VLN) contains blog posts and discussions with product information on a range of resources from the Ministry of Education.

Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR): Improving secondary students’ reading comprehension skills

Reading comprehension is a critical skill for secondary students with disabilities.It facilitates participation in mainstream content-area classes. This article introduces a research-based practice developed by Klingner and Vaughn.

Curricular opportunities in the digital age

This paper explores how digital technologies can be used to design learning that is flexible enough to adapt readily to individual differences. Authors: Dr David Rose and Jenna Gravel.

Implementing UDL Chapter 5 in Universal Design for Learning: Theory and practice (multimedia version)

Free multimedia information and teacher stories on implementing UDL. User will need to login on first visit. Developed by CAST's founders Anne Meyer and David H. Rose, along with David Gordon.

Developmental apraxia of speech and developmental verbal dyspraxia: The mystery of the minimally and/or non-verbacl child

An explanation of the terms and suggestions to help the younger child to communicate.

Developmental verbal dyspraxia

A paper on developmental verbal dyspraxia by Pam Williams Dip. CST; M Sc; MRCSLT.

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