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Communicating with a Deaf person

Fact sheet from Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand.

Fact Sheet 15 – Social stories

Instructions on making social stories, comic strip conversations, and social scripts that can be used to support your students’ language skills, particularly those with ASD from Positive Partnerships, Australia.

The family book: Te pukapuka o nga whānau

An introduction to services and supports for families and whānau of children who are hard of hearing.

Getting started: Using visual systems to support communication

An in-depth illustrated resource for teachers on developing visual strategies by Dolly Bhargava, Australian speech pathologist.

Handwriting and dyspraxia

Strategies and tips to support students with dyspraxia. A publication by Lois Addy, Senior Lecturer, School of Professional Health Studies, University of Leeds.

Springboards 2 Practice: Social

A Ministry of Education resource that discusses how social skills can be fostered in schools.

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