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Multiple means of engagement – Managing fear so learning can occur

In this collection of short videos about Universal Design for Learning, Dr David Rose and CAST colleague Grace Meo explain how engagement, goals, affective demands, and resources are connected. Collated by the Alberta Regional Consortia.

Voicethread in education

Voicethread is a tool that enables both students and teachers to use any media or mode to participate in conversations. Here are a selection of Voicethread examples collated by teacher, Suzie Vesper.

Universal Design for Learning iPad strategies: Text-to-speech

Discipline, democracy and diversity: Creating culturally safe learning environments

A slide presentation of Angus Macfarlane’s bicultural framework and approach to inclusive education, (University of Waikato, 2009)

Multiple means of representation – Professional development resource

A multimedia online resource introducing the UDL principle of Representation. The resource contains videos by David Rose and Grace Meo from CAST, accompanying text, and powerpoint slides. Collated by the Alberta Regional Consortia.

Multiple means of engagement – Engagement checkpoints unfolding in a classroom

These videos and supporting resources from the Alberta UDL Summer Institute 2011 relate to the principle of multiple means of engagement.

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