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Creating classroom routines and procedures

A visual and audio tour of 16 classroom across the US. The slides offer practical examples of classroom routines and procedures, with links to resources.

Learning space toolkit

A resource for designing and sustaining technology-rich informal learning spaces. It contains tools and resources for planning holistically and making connections between: identified needs and proposed solutions; the space, furniture, technology, and services; related or adjacent spaces; the key stakeholders involved in planning and implementing a learning space.

Avoiding sensory overload at school

This chapter from the book, Raising a Sensory Smart Child, by Lindsay Biel and Nancy Peske offers practical suggestions to reduce sensory overload in the classroom.

Multiple means of representation

The power of three is a guide for providing students access to ideas, concepts, and themes in multiple ways.

Safer classrooms for all: Anti-homophobia workshops in schools

The PPTA provides free professional development to schools to support them to address the issue of bullying on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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