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What is UDL (Universal Design for Learning)?

A collection of short videos and supporting resources from the Alberta UDL Summer Institute 2011. The material explores what is UDL, why it matters, and how it might be used to support the learning of all students. Presenters included David Rose, Grace Meo and Jeff Diedrich.

Multiple means of engagement - Engagement Checkpoints Unfolding in a Classroom

These videos and supporting resources from the Alberta UDL Summer Institute 2011 relate to the principle of multiple means of engagement.

My future, my choice

This personal profile and transition from school action plan is a PowerPoint template developed by Bath and Northeast Council.

Engaging all learners: Supporting students with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Three short modules with accompanying videos explaining how alcohol affects the developing brain. Includes additional information on brain structure and brain function, and the brain and emotional regulation.

Climbing for success

This series of modules was developed by Mount Royal University in Alberta, Canada. Interactive activities provide information about FASD and evidence-based strategies for promoting adaptive behaviour and managing challenging behaviours.

Universal Design for Learning: Variability in emotion and learning

Samantha G. Daley is a research scientist who focuses on the role of emotions in learning activities. She considers how to design instruction to reflect the relationship between emotion and cognition in learning.

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