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Ask the expert: ADHD in the classroom management strategies and student supports

A webinar with Sandra Rief, author of How to reach and teach children with ADD/ADHD. The webinar is an hour long, with an introduction, a description of ADHD and strategies and supports that teachers can provide to students with ADHD.

Designing for student engagement and comprehension

A slideshare created with CAST’s Book Builder tool, which models the use of avatar coaches to support the learner.

Different ways to publish your stories: Using a variety of tools

UK teacher Jacqui Sharp illustrates some of the ways students and teachers can present digital stories and inquiries, using many different tools.


A catalogue of videos describing dyspraxia and ways to support people with dyspraxia from the UK website dysTalk. No captions or transcripts are available.

Engaging reluctant writers using e-learning tools

A slideshare presentation by New Zealand learning with digital technologies facilitator Catriona Pene, containing a wide range of easily-accessible, online resources and apps for improving writing.

Low vision

Prezi presentation on low vision by Jan Duthie and Catherine Rivers-Smith.

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