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Gaming in education | An Enabling e-Learning webinar and discussion

A rich resource of discussions, a webinar link and a slide presentation on Gamification with a focus on Minecraft in the Enabling e-Learning VLN group.

How text-to-speech technology can help journalists avoid copy errors

An blog post by a US journalist describing how she uses a text-to-speech tool to improve her writing. This is a useful concept to share with older students.

Sharing the SETT framework

Explore a range of resources relating to the SETT – student, envrionments, tasks, tools – approach on Joy Zabala's website.

Learning Exchange

The search portal for the Learning Exchange, a Ministry of Education brokerage site that enables connections between teachers and learners; joining clusters, schools, and individuals who are learning through online and blended programmes.

Self advocacy traffic light system in a primary classroom

A blog post on how a student uses a traffic light system to let the primary classroom team know how well she can see.

Reflections on guided reading with UDL (Linda Ojala)

Classroom teacher, Linda Ojala from Silverstream School reflects on how she can increase students’ engagement in a reading group. Discussion in the Universal Design for Learning group accessed through the Ministry of Education’s Virtual Learning Network.

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