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Web 2.0 tools and apps

A list of free, open-source, online tools, curated by Albany Senior and Junior High School.

Knowing my learners (Linda Ojala)

An online conversation with Silverstream School teacher, Linda Ojala, and other teachers about knowing your learners and using that knowledge – from the Universal Design for Learning Group in the Ministry of Education’s Virtual Learning Network.

Index for Inclusion Network: Developing a framework of values

The framework of values approach is a process to spur communities from identifying shared values to action. The ideas and processes can be used as whole-school initiatives or by individual teachers, managers, and boards of trustees. This tool is part of the UK's Index for Inclusion.

Differentiated learning strategies

This resource provides step-by-step instructions for using Jigsaw reading combined with reciprocal teaching.

EU Kids Online

This resource, from the European Union website, coordinates and stimulates investigation into the way children use new media, with a particular focus on evidence about the conditions that shape online risk and safety.

Resource teacher learning and behaviour online

This website provides information about how to call on the expertise of your RTLB to develop interventions that promote positive behaviour.

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