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BLENNZ Learning library – Year 8 student with low vision uses technology for distance viewing

A collation of technology-related blog posts; stories about New Zealand students using digital tools to learn.

Student develops technology and self-advocacy skills while learning about her visual needs

An 11-year-old with low vision creates a PowerPoint presentation to explain her eye condition. A blog post from the BLENNZ Learning Library.


A class blog from Parkvale Primary School, illustrating the wide range tools and resources, including Minecraft, used to support learning.

The principles of Te Whāriki as useful touchstones for reflection

A resource focused on listening to different perspectives that aim to guide your support of children and their whānau through the transition to school.

Universal Design for Learning: Theory and practice (multimedia version)

Free multimedia information and teacher stories. User will need to login on first visit. Developed by CAST's founders Anne Meyer and David H. Rose, along with David Gordon.

Universal Design for Learning

Online discussion group and resource hub for conversations about how to sustainably design learning that works for all students and considers and builds their wide ranging strengths, needs and experiences in the Virtual Learning Network (VLN).

This is a Ministry of Education initiative

Building a world-leading education system that equips all New Zealanders with the knowledge, skills, and values to be successful citizens in the 21st century.