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Shaping a Marautanga-ā-Kura with our community

In this report from the Educational leaders website, Principal, Helena Baker, from Te Kura o Tākaro, describes how she worked with her community to design her school’s curriculum.

Looking behind the data at Queen Charlotte College

In this article from the Educational Leaders website, Principal, Tom Parsons, explains how student achievement improved when teachers took a more systematic approach to understanding what school data was telling them.

Promoting collaborative learning cultures

In this article from the Educational Leaders website Michael Fullan’s idea of “purposeful peer interaction,” is explained. This is where information and knowledge are shared openly, and when monitoring mechanisms are installed to detect ineffective actions and identify effective practices.

Gary Punler: Deprivatising practice

In this article from the Educational Leaders website, Principal, Gary Punler describes why is it important for schools to have a process in place to facilitate teachers meeting and sharing ideas.

Index for Inclusion Network: Developing a framework of values

The framework of values approach is a process to spur communities from identifying shared values to action. The ideas and processes can be used as whole-school initiatives or by individual teachers, managers, and boards of trustees. This tool is part of the UK's Index for Inclusion.

Creating culturally safe schools for Māori students

This article presents findings about ways to create culturally safe classrooms. It focuses on ways teachers and schools can create inclusive environments for Māori students.

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