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Partners in learning: Good practice

This September 2008 ERO report discusses the factors that contribute to the success of “engagement”, defined as a meaningful, respectful partnership between schools and their parents, whānau, and communities.

Summary of Ka Hikitia: Accelerating success 2013–2017

A Ministry of Education resource that supports educators to ensure that Māori students achieve educational success. It includes guiding principles, focus areas and goals and actions to facilitate change.

Success for All – Every school, Every child

This strategy has been developed to support the vision of a fully inclusive education system.

What an inclusive school looks like

This Ministry of Education information sheet describes what an inclusive school looks like and feels like. Use it to help reflect upon and review the inclusive values, policies, and practices in your school.

The principle of high expectations – New Zealand Curriculum Update 22

This curriculum update supports school to explore and enact the curriculum principle of high expectations. This principle empowers all student to achieve personal excellence, regardless of their individual circumstances.

Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies: Final Report – Theme F: Engaging the community

This section from the Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies project focuses on the different purposes of community engagement. A key purpose is for schools to involve their community in developing a shared vision and values. Contains practical strategies.

This is a Ministry of Education initiative

Building a world-leading education system that equips all New Zealanders with the knowledge, skills, and values to be successful citizens in the 21st century.