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The School Journal Story Library

School Journal Story Library is a targeted instructional series that supplements other instructional series. It provides additional scaffolds and supports for teachers to use to accelerate literacy learning for students in years 5-8 who are reading 1-2 years below expectation. The series includes books, teacher support materials, and audio.

How to support a child with dyslexia

Information for parents and whānau from the Ministry of Education. Support for parents of primary aged children includes: strategies for supporting learning at home, what to expect when starting school, who to talk to, key features of a successful learning programme.

Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)

Information from the Ministry of Education about what ORS funding provides, who qualifies for ORS, how ORS funding is managed, and how to resolve any differences.

Where else can I get information?

A Ministry of Education webpage with links to organisations that may be able to provide information and support for diverse learners.

Working together

Collaborative decision making template, developed by IEP Online Ministry of Education.

Speech, language and communication needs – a resource for educators

This booklet provides guidance and outlines some of the practical strategies educators can use with students who have speech, language and communication needs. Published by Ministry of Education.

This is a Ministry of Education initiative

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