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Information for parents and caregivers of children with special education needs: Support organisations and useful contacts

Interim response fund (IRF)

A Ministry of Education fund available to keep students engaged in learning following a significantly challenging behavioural event. It gives funding for a short term response while a more comprehensive intervention plan is devised.

Literature review: Transition from early childhood education to school

This report, for the Ministry of Education, focuses on transitions to school, the factors that influence how well children transition from ECE to school and the ways in which children can be supported to transition successfully.

National transition guidelines for students with special education needs

Ministry of Education guidelines for specialist educators, schools, and parents about transitioning students with special needs from school to adult life. Guidelines can be downloaded from this page.

Quality teaching for diverse students in schooling: Best evidence synthesis iteration (BES)

This BES is intended to contribute to the development of an evidence-base for policy and practice in schooling. It covers quality teaching, pedagogical practices and creating effective links between schools and other cultural contexts in which students are socialised, to facilitate learning.

Special assessment conditions (SAC)

Ministry of Education advice on preparing alternative evidence to support special assessment conditions (SAC) applications.

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