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About dyslexia

A Ministry of Education handbook that provides specific strategies for supporting students in phonological awareness, reading, and writing.

Introduction to differentiation and adaptation of the classroom curriculum and school environment worksheet

Worksheet from Ministry of Education workshops on adaptations and differentiations. Worksheet includes useful template for identifying adaptations and differentiations.

Make an assessment and apply for assistive technology

The four key steps in making an assessment and applying for assistive technology are explained. This page includes the Ministry of Education AT application forms, available as downloads.

Assistive technology – assessment framework

An outline of the assistive technology evaluation process for schools created by the Ministry of Education.

New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder guideline

This Ministry of Health booklet has information for people with ASD, their families, health professionals, support service providers, and those involved in education. It covers diagnosis and treatment of ASD, supporting and teaching children and adults with ASD, employing people with ASD and living with ASD.

Assistive technology's blogs

The Ministry of Education publish a regular tech blog and newsletter with the latest product information in the Virtual Learning Network (VLN), featuring a range of resources and information like a discussion page.

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