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Google Calendar training lessons

A step-by-step introduction to Google Calendar for Education. These training lessons outline how to get the most out of Google Calendar in the classroom and how to support students in their personal organisation.

iTunes preview: Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy

This book is available as an interactive QBook. It has video narration in three sign languages; NZSL, AUSLAN, and ASL.

The FRIENDS resilience programmes

Information about the FRIENDS programmes for schools is available on this website. The programmes include Fun Friends for years 4–7, Friends for Life for years 8–11, and My FRIENDS for youth aged 12–16.

Universal Design for Learning Guideline 5 and Book Creator

This is a video explaining how to use Book Creator to support collaboration

Reciprocal teaching and special education

A Prezi that examines the effectiveness of reciprocal teaching in improving reading comprehension proficiency for students with disabilities.

Digital technology: Safe and responsible use in schools

This guide provides information about the safe and responsible use and management of digital technology for boards of trustees, principals and staff. It outlines key aspects of the context surrounding the effective management of digital technology in schools and kura. Developed by Netsafe in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

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