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Voicethread in education

Voicethread is a tool that enables both students and teachers to use any media or mode to participate in conversations. Here are a selection of Voicethread examples collated by teacher, Suzie Vesper.

Web 2.0 tools and apps

A list of free, open-source, online tools, curated by Albany Senior and Junior High School.

Readability: supports clutter-free online reading experiences

A free browser add-on and app that turns any web page into a clean, clutter-free view for reading. It can also store and save articles and pages for later.

Voicethread and communication skills

In this video two US teachers describes how they use Voicethread as a flexible tool for building communication skills.

Read&Write for Google

A free extension for the Chrome browser which includes highlighting tools, text-to-speech, picture dictionary, and word prediction. "Teachers can get a free premium subscription to Read&Write for Google. To register and activate your subscription, go to rw.texthelp.com/freeforteachers after installing the Read&Write for Google trial."

Dragon dictation

Free voice-to-text app for iPad and iPhone. Available in NZ.

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