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School-whānau partnerships – Randwick School

The school’s principal, a teacher, and a parent BOT member discuss manaakitanga, the philosophy that underpins the school’s practice.

School support staff: Collectively making resources count

This NZ report was commissioned by the Support Staff Working Group (SSWG). It includes seven case studies of schools that use effective management practices for their support staff.

Maximising the impact of teaching assistants: Guidance for school leaders and teachers

This UK, field-tested guide supports school leaders and primary and secondary teachers to rethink the role, purpose, and contribution of teacher aides. It provides practical strategies to implement in the classroom and includes templates and links to online resources.

Innovative learning environments

This Ministry of Education website explains and provides examples of all aspects of ILEs.

Flexible learning spaces in schools

Information about upgrading schools to become flexible learning spaces on the Ministry of Education website includes definitions of a variety of different types of learning spaces, along with links to school case studies.

Waimairi School: Case study

This publication is one of a series, showcasing how schools have taken a pedagogical journey converting existing spaces to prototype different types of learning environments and settings. This case study is based on Waimairi School in Christchurch.

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