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Development and learning

Research-based explanation of development and learning for people with Down syndrome from Down Syndrome Education International.

Developmental apraxia of speech and developmental verbal dyspraxia: The mystery of the minimally and/or non-verbacl child

An explanation of the terms and suggestions to help the younger child to communicate.

Developmental verbal dyspraxia

A paper on developmental verbal dyspraxia by Pam Williams Dip. CST; M Sc; MRCSLT.

Universal Design for Learning: Chapter 4 in Universal Design for Learning: Theory and practice (multimedia version)

Free multimedia information and teacher stories introducing Universal Design for Learning. User will need to login on first visit. Developed by CAST's founders Anne Meyer and David H. Rose, along with David Gordon.

Software for learning

The Enabling e-Learning website provides a range of stories from New Zealand primary and secondary schools describing how they have used technologies as part of their learning design for students.

Different ways to publish your stories: Using a variety of tools

UK teacher Jacqui Sharp illustrates some of the ways students and teachers can present digital stories and inquiries, using many different tools.

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