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This site has been developed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. It is one of a number of Success for All initiatives that support the Government’s vision of all schools demonstrating inclusive practices.


This site can be used to help build educator confidence in meeting the learning and wellbeing needs of diverse learners, and for strengthening inclusive practices. 

This site supports schools to meet the inclusion principle in the New Zealand Curriculum which ensures that students’ identities, languages, abilities and talents are recognised and affirmed, and that their learning needs are addressed.

Who the site is for

  • The information on this site will be useful to educators across primary, intermediate and secondary schools.
  • It is aimed at principals and leadership teams, teachers, teacher’s aides, learning support coordinators (SENCO), heads of department, boards.
  • It is intended for educators who have students who may not be receiving specialist assistance and funding through Ministry of Education services.
  • Resource teachers, Ministry of Education staff and professional learning and development providers will find the site useful in their work with schools and teachers.
  • Schools and parents will find useful information in the guides to work through together.

About inclusive education

The About inclusive education page outlines the foundation thinking and documents that underpin the site’s content.

How the guides work

The guides on this site are intended as in depth resources that educators can work through over time. We recommend educators work through the guides with peers, school leaders, resource teachers, or in a professional development context.

The guides are not Ministry of Education guidelines or policy. They are a kete or collection of evidence-based strategies and case studies to support educators.

Each guide on this site includes a series of strategies supported by suggestions. To explore a topic in more depth, investigate the links and resources attached to each suggestion. To find specific information:

  • scan the topics using the left hand menu
  • type key words into the search engine
  • review the content indicators for each guide.

In the spirit of modeling Universal Design for Learning, and recognising that people access information in diverse ways, the suggestions in each guide are presented in a range of ways - text, visuals, video.

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This is a Ministry of Education initiative

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